Servers of All - The Brotherhood of Light
Son of God, The Christ, World Saviour Light of the World aka Sananda
(Unknown- Picture from Sacred Heart Monastery)

Mother of Jesus, Mother of The World, Mother of Humanity, Blessed BVM (Artist - Velvalee)

Mother and Soulmate of Jesus
as One Soul, they are Sananda

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Ashtar - The Brotherhood of Light

He is the Supreme Director of  the Spiritual Program for our planet. He is second in Command after Sananda in responsibility for the Airborne Division of The Brotherhood of Light. He represents the Twelfth Kingdom and the Great Central Sun Hierarchy, and commands the Intergalactic Fleets serving this hemisphere, but is not restricted to this sector in his service. Winged V Fleet of Ships - Intergalactic Command - (Cover Artwork from Book  by Tuella)

Ashlem - Brotherhood of Light

Known as "Golden Image", 
He is an ascended Oriental Tibetan Master Residing on the Fifth Plane of Existence. Can access your Past Lives that are Stored in The Book of Knowledge in the Golden Hall of Wisdom and Knowledge, in the Ethers of Time and Space for the Purpose of Soul Growth and knowing your Self, Past, Present &Future, 
(Psychic Artist -Eva Illes)

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Aleph - Space Commander

Space Commander

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Spaceship inventor, mechanic and pilot, will help earth build space craft.


Ascended Master of Precipitation and Longevity. 
From Persia, now on the Planet Orphia Creator of First Rose on Earth

Cha-ara's Message

El Morya

El Morya
Chohan of the First Ray, Head of The Great White Brotherhood


Perfector of Spacecraft, Master of Magnetics, Commander of Star Ship no. 77

Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel
Heralder of the New Age
He is the announcer, deliverer of messages

Record Keeper for the Galaxy, Planet by his Name where Records are kept
. Space Master Hatonn is of the Space Councils and Space Commands. Teacher and Master for the Higher Worlds, and speaker for the great Solar Tribunals of the Space Federation.

God of The 'Sun"

Director of Space Communications, Commander of Space Ship called 'Rainbow'. Foresees accelerated use of Mental Telepathy. He is of the Communications Network of this Solar System

Ancient Record Keeper and Scribe for Earth, Interpreter of Ancient Tablets & Scrolls

World Teacher - also known as Pythagoras, One of the Three Wisemen, also was St. Francis of Assisi, and Builder of the Taj Mahjal

Lady Clarion 

Lady Clarion
from the Planet Clarion, a High Expression of The Love Principle, here to aid Earth during its Changeover.

Lord Guatama
The Buddha, Lord of the World

Lord Maitreya
aka Lord Divino, was Shri Krishna & Author of the Bhagavad Gita

Lord Michael
Archangel of the Blue Ray, Defender of Truth, Archangel of Protection of America and the Souls of Light everywhere on the planet. Carrier of the Blue Flaming Sword which disperses, weakens, and dissolves destructive energies.

Love Star
Personification of Love from the Teton Retreat

Space Captain of a Fleet of Ships, from the Planet Alcorn Monitoring Earth

Protector of Planet Earth, Portrayed as Viracocha of the Incan Civilization
. Also known as Kadar-Monka of the Saturnian Tribunal

Serapis Bey
Mighty Seraphim from the Great Central Sun, Chohan of the Fourth Ray (White), Guardian of the Ascension Flame

Space Ship Commander, Sun Technician of the Scientific Patrols. Son of Monka, Commander of The Great Phoenix, the ship that monitors all scientific situations for this hemisphere. (Of The Reaping Angels) Interplanetary Travel

St. Germaine
Champion of America, Dispenser of The Violet Transmuting Flame
. Eolia (Elihu in the Celestial Realms) Of the Great Karmic Board

Space Detective, Keeper of Cosmic Law, Universal Traveler

Mother Mary

'Goddess of Motherhood'

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Space Psychologist
. Leading Space Scientist within the Command. He commands a fleet of those who monitor the vibratory rate of mankind and the frequency changes in nature and all other manifest life upon the Planet.

Ancient King of Egypt, God of Healing, Builder of the First Step Pyramid. Has etheric Temple of Healing.

Master Hilarion of the Brotherhood of Light

Master Hilarion
Of the Fifth Ray
(Emerald Green Ray)
Aids in the opening to Higher Consciousness, Intuition, Healer and Teacher

Space Commander
 Master of Dynamics of Energy and Force
Of the Starship of Sananda 
Lady Space Master and Commander


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